About This Blog

Welcome to Dragon’s Tea, 


Writing is—and should always be—a personal creation, one that blossoms from quiet observations of the heart; reflected into a kaleidoscope of sound and color like paint on a canvas. In this blog, I hope to capture these moments that make writing special and unique, as well as inspire those wishing to escape from the mold. 

Martial Arts:

How does martial arts relate to writing? You may ask. Starting out in martial arts was a nerve-racking experience, but what kept me going were many factors—facets that develop character and test one’s tenacity, as well as determination and heart. I will discuss all these factors, along with how martial arts continues to shape my writing career.

Creatures of Ancient Myth:

It’s no surprise that dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures. What if we could talk to them? What kind of questions would we ask? How do you think they would respond?

In a bit of fun, I aim to explore this avenue of thought, as well as cue you in on all the fascinating folklore and tales woven by the ancients.

The Blog:

As a writer, my goal is to write books that not only come from the heart, but invite you to experience a world from a new perspective. I aim to include elements of humor, critical thinking, and deep reflection to connect with my readers. I hope to inspire you on your own journey, wherever you are in life.

– J. B. Nash